Recommendation Rewards Program

Conditions of Participation

These Conditions govern your participation in the Recommendation Rewards Program and your submission of a recommendation indicates your full acceptance of the Conditions. Capitalized terms that are not defined here will have the same meaning given to them in the Terms of Service.  

The Recommendation Rewards Program is an offering of Social Solutions Global, Inc. (“SSG”). Every active SSG client in good standing (“Recommending Client”) can recommend interested prospects (each a “Recommended Prospect”) to SSG. If the Recommended Prospect becomes an approved SSG client, SSG will credit the Recommending Client’s SSG account. The amount of recommendation credit will depend upon the Recommending Client’s subscription fees. 
Requirements for Participation 
To take part in the Program, the Recommending Client must be an active SSG client in good standing, meaning that the Recommending Client must be current on all payments and not otherwise in breach of any agreement between it and SSG, both at the time of the recommendation and at the time of application of credit to the Recommending Client’s account. 
The Program is limited solely to Recommended Clients from Canada and the United States.  Recommending Clients may only provide recommendations for parties that they know personally. 
Recommending Client are not agents of SSG, are not authorized to act on behalf of SSG and may not accept offers or make or receive declarations on SSG’s behalf.   
By participating in the Recommendation Rewards Program, you affirm that your participation does not violate any code of conduct or other terms to which you may be bound.  
Recommending Clients will receive a credit for each new, unique, approved client that they recommend who becomes an SSG client, subject to the following conditions: 
The Recommend Prospect does not have or has not yet had an account with SSG 
The Recommended Prospect is approved by SSG as a SSG client, signs a subscription agreement with SSG within 180 days of the date of the recommendation, and makes their initial subscription fee payment. 
Credits will be applied against the Recommending client’s next invoice.  It may take up to 60 days for the recommendation credit to be applied to the Recommending Client’s account after the Recommended Client signs their agreement with SSG. 
A Recommending Client is eligible to receive recommendation credit equivalent to one month of the Recommending Client’s subscription fees, up to a maximum of $1500 for each successful Recommended Client. 
If SSG is made aware of a violation of these Conditions, SSG reserves the right to suspend the Recommending Client’s recommendation capabilities and revoke any credits issued to the Recommending Client in connection with the recommendation  and the Recommendation Rewards Program. 

Cancellation or Modifications of the SSG Recommendation Rewards Program 
SSG reserves the right to terminate, replace, or modify the Recommendation Rewards Program and these Conditions without notice.