Crisis Resources for Nonprofits & Government Agencies

Local Community Funding

The Council on Foundations maintains a compilation of local response funds dedicated to supporting nonprofits and individuals in the community.

The CDC maintains a portal on mitigation steps for nonprofits and community organizations.

State Government Actions

The National Conference of State Legislatures maintains a compilation of State Quarantine and Isolation Statutes and State Action on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Helpful Resources

Several organizations have shared how to apply for available grants, loans, funding opportunities, and financial assistance:

Several organizations have provided resources and technology for nonprofits organizations, public sector agencies, and the funder community:

Several organizations are organizing webinars and virtual events to help the nonprofit community:

Here are some examples of how organizations on the frontlines of good are connecting with their communities:

Here are some data and technology resources as you navigate your organization's response to COVID-19:

Federal Government Support

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act) became law on March 27th, 2020. Several provisions included in the Act are applicable to nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations. Find more information here.

SBA: Paycheck Protection Program

The Small Business Administration (SBA) will allow tax-exempt organizations with up to 500 employees to apply for low-interest loans of up to $10 million, generally to cover payroll costs, rent, or employer group health care benefits. These loans may be forgiven if staffing levels are maintained through June 30th.

SBA: Economic Injury Disaster Loans

Eligible nonprofits may apply for low-interest loans of up to $2 million and rapid response grants of $10,000. Loans may be used to provide paid sick leave, maintain payroll, pay rent or mortgage payments, or to meet increased costs of obtaining materials unavailable due to interrupted supply chains. Payments may be deferred for four years.

Industry Stabilization

Large nonprofits (with 500 to 10,000 employees), alternatively, may apply to low-interest loans with deferred payments for the first six months.

Charitable Giving Incentives & Payroll Tax Credits

The annual caps on annual tax-deductible contributions for corporations and individuals who itemize have been raised. Furthermore, a refundable payroll tax credit of up to $5,000 for each employee on payroll is available, if the nonprofit is not receiving emergency SBA loan relief and has experienced greater than 50% drop in revenue.

Relief Funds for State & Local Governments [NEW]

The U.S. Department of the Treasury just released a portal for state and local governments to apply for the $150B Coronavirus Relief Fund. Find more information here.


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COVID-19 Screening Form Templates 

Social Solutions has developed four screening forms that can be found in our template library and used in any Social Solutions database.

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