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How a Digital Approach to Data and Reporting is Empowering Communities in Schools – Greater Tarrant County to Increase Staff Productivity and Drive Barrier-Breaking Outcomes 

With Social Solutions’ Apricot 360 software, CIS – Greater Tarrant County has increased its efficiency in case management data collection and reporting so much that staff members are meeting their goals ahead of schedule and removing more barriers that stand in the way of students’ success.  


When Lauren Sly, Vice President of Programs at Communities in Schools (CIS) – Greater Tarrant County, speaks about her organization, you can’t help but feel energized by her exuberance to find meaningful life-changing solutions to the challenges students are facing in her community.  
“Everything we do focuses on two things: building relationships and removing students’ barriers to success,” Lauren explains. “We get to know our students on an individual level so that we can identify their unique barriers, and then we come up with ways to solve them.”  
The CIS approach is to partner with schools and augment what overloaded school counselors are doing to support students already. As Lauren puts it, CIS will say, “bring us your most at-risk students, your students who need the most attention.” By building trust and forming relationships with these students and their families, CIS can apply tailored solutions—often through partnerships that can provide specific resources—that address areas ranging from mental health, food insecurity, housing insecurity, job opportunities and more. 

The Case(load) for Better Case Management Technology


Apricot 360 from Social Solutions provides the technological platform for CIS-Tarrant County to dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness around data, analytics and reporting. 
Apricot 360 enables CIS-Tarrant County to advance its objective of increasing collaboration across service providers for the benefit of children and families.


“Here’s what I believe: do the work, and the outcomes will show. But in order for outcomes to show, I need the data. So, that means I need the right database and technology to prove the work and results.” 

Vice President of Programs 


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