Mission-Critical: How to Ensure Financial Health & Sustainability in Service of Better Outcomes

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By the age of 19, 40% of former foster youth experience homelessness. However, twice that percentage of First Place for Youth participants have a stable home. Nationwide, while only 10% of eligible foster youth enroll in college, 91% of eligible youth at First Place for Youth do. And while 29% of California foster youth find jobs in the first two years after leaving care, 86% of First Place for Youth participants do.

What is First Place for Youth doing right? They attribute these results to putting in action the seven pillars of high-performance organizations. In this webinar, Sam Cobbs and Liz Bender will discuss the role of one of those pillars, financial health and sustainability (pillar 4 of the Performance Imperative), and what it looks like in practice. Learn how a strong system for financial stewardship provides a foundation for producing positive outcomes consistently and reliably over time. Hear about:

  • Developing financing strategies to support and sustain the mission
  • Budget processes oriented toward achieving results
  • Sharing the organization’s financial condition and financial results with key stakeholders
  • Operating with margins that allow for building the balance sheet

Nonprofits face many difficult questions. If the budget has to be cut, how can it be cut without harming the organization’s ability to produce positive outcomes? When is it important to invest in things that may be outside the scope of a contract? For an organization committed to creating social value, what are the ideal skills of a nonprofit CFO? Join us to learn how financial health and sustainability supports First Place for Youth’s mission – and how it can support yours.

The webinars in this series can be watched sequentially or independently. Each will be recorded, and the entire series will be available on Social Solutions’ website.

About this Webinar Series

The most successful organizations – those that produce positive client outcomes with consistency – cultivate seven core disciplines. This webinar is the fourth in a series dedicated to exploring what each of the seven pillars of the Performance Imperative look like in practice.

The Performance Imperative was created by the Leap Ambassadors’ Community, a group of social sector leaders who have joined forces to inspire great organizations for greater societal impact. At Social Solutions, we are proud to provide software which supports high performance and to be part of the movement along with so many of our customers.

Webinar Details

Date:         Tue, June 14, 2016

Time:         3:00 PM EST

Duration:   1 hour

Presenter Information

Sam Cobbs, President and CEO, joined First Place in 2005 after serving in leadership positions at Larkin Street Youth Services, Juma Ventures and the Boys & Girls Club of Oakland. Sam is a national expert and policy advisor on at-risk foster kids, specifically the issues they face as they transition into adulthood. He serves as a Leap of Reason Ambassador. Sam has a Master’s in Counseling from California State University, East Bay.

Liz Bender, Chief Finance and Growth Officer, joined First Place in 2012 and works closely with the Board of Directors and CEO to establish the organization’s strategy. She leads strategy execution in partnership with members of the leadership team. Liz also leads the Finance Department and is responsible for the organization’s national expansion efforts. Liz has a BS in Finance from Boston College and earned a dual degree from Indiana University with a Master’s in Public Affairs in Nonprofit Management and a Master’s in Philanthropic Studies.