Drilling Down: How to Design and Implement Programs and Strategies Well

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When Our Piece of the Pie (OPP) provided a broad range of programming to people of all ages, it did not invest sufficient resources to produce positive outcomes in any one area. In 2005, OPP drilled down and narrowed its focus, which paid off for their participants.

Now helping disadvantaged youths ages 14-24 become successful adults, OPP’s relationship-centered approach and best practices in youth development, workforce readiness, and academics, helps young people attain a high school diploma, postsecondary credentials, and meaningful employment.

Join Bob Rath, Tom Gervais and Marlowe Barnes to learn what “well-designed and well-implemented programs and strategies” means in practice, and how you can apply the following in your own organization:

  • Clarity around target population, sound analysis of the issues, evidence-informed assumptions, and careful attention to the larger ecosystem in which an organization operates
  • Consistent high-quality implementation
  • Recruit, retain, motivate, listen to, and learn from participants and intended beneficiaries
  • Invest in building strong relationships between staff and participants
  • Guard against the temptation to veer off course in search of numbers that look good in marketing materials or reports to funders

Take advantage of this opportunity to hear about one organization’s perspectives on one of seven pillars of high-performance organizations.

The webinars in this series can be watched sequentially or independently. Each will be recorded, and the entire series will be available on Social Solutions’ website.

About this Webinar Series

The most successful organizations – those that produce positive client outcomes with consistency – cultivate seven core disciplines. This webinar is the third in a series dedicated to exploring what each of the seven pillars of the Performance Imperative look like in practice.

The Performance Imperative was created by the Leap Ambassadors’ Community, a group of social sector leaders who have joined forces to inspire great organizations for greater societal impact. At Social Solutions, we are proud to provide software which supports high performance and to be part of the movement along with so many of our customers.

Webinar Details

Date:         Thu, May 12, 2016

Time:         3:00 PM EST

Duration:   1 hour

Presenter Information

Bob Rath is the CEO at Our Piece of the Pie, based in Hartford, CT. With more than 30 years of experience in organizational leadership, Bob led the transformation of OPP into a youth development organization focused on helping urban youth become economically independent adults. Bob currently serves on: Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth (Chair); Reaching At Promise Students Association; CT’s Employment/Training Commission Youth Committee; and Hartford Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Bob was recognized by Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s Larry O’Toole Award in 2014, as a “Local Hero” by Bank of America in 2006, CT Children’s Council (Chair), National Youth Employment Coalition (Board /Treasurer), and was awarded Hartford Public Schools’ 2010 State of Schools Award.

Tom Gervais has worked at Our Piece of the Pie since 2014. Prior to joining Our Piece of the Pie, Tom worked as a data architect for a large insurance company in the area, regularly recognized for his work and personal commitments. Tom began volunteering with OPP to help them develop visual displays of their outcome data. Since coming on board with the agency, Tom has improve data quality and standardize data management and reporting.

Marlowe Barnes is a passionate professional who has been at Our Piece of the Pie for more than 15 years. Despite the adversities of growing up in one of Hartford’s most violent and impoverished housing projects, Marlowe was inspired to create change in her community and has achieved great professional and academic success. Her drive propelled her to her current position as Supervisor of Youth Development Services at OPP. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Springfield College and holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Albertus Magnus College.