Front and Center: How Courageous, Adaptive Executive and Board Leadership Makes All the Difference

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Several years ago, Matt Huckabay realized that his organization was spending a tremendous amount of resources but not successfully preventing violence. People would leave one violent relationship and enter another. The cycle of violence continued. The thought of children growing up to become the next perpetrators and victims propelled Matt in a new direction: How could he make sure the organization was fulfilling its mission to stop the transmission of intergenerational violence?

Today, Matt is confident that the organization is on the right track. The children’s program Second Generation has produced 51% reduction in personal distress, 60% reduction in physical (somatic) complaints, 25% reduction in behavioral dysfunction, and 35% decrease in their PTSD levels.

In this webinar, you will learn what kind of leadership such transformation takes. “Courageous, adaptive executive and board leadership” is one of seven pillars of high-performance organizations. You will learn what that means in practice and hear examples of how the Center for Violence-Free Relationships’ executive director and board did the following:

  • Changed the board’s role from advisory to strong, assertive governance and stewardship
  • Clarified organizational mission and their own roles
  • Recruited and retained the talent and external partners necessary to achieve the mission
  • Passionately pushed the organization to get better at meeting its mission, whether that meant to introduce something new or stop doing something that didn’t work 
  • Sought and acted on feedback on their own performance

The Center for Violence-Free Relationships is a $1.5 million non-profit. Join us to learn how you can apply pillar #1 of the Performance Imperative, regardless of the size of your organization.

The webinars in this series can be watched sequentially or independently. Each will be recorded, and the entire series will be available on Social Solutions’ website.

About this Webinar Series

The most successful organizations – those that produce positive client outcomes with consistency – cultivate seven core disciplines. This webinar is the first in a series dedicated to exploring what each of the seven pillars of the Performance Imperative look like in practice.

The Performance Imperative was created by the Leap Ambassadors’ Community, a group of social sector leaders who have joined forces to inspire great organizations for greater societal impact. At Social Solutions, we are proud to provide software which supports high performance and to be part of the movement along with so many of our customers.

Webinar Details

Date:         Tue, March 22, 2016

Time:         3:00 PM EST

Duration:   1 hour

Presenter Information

Matt Huckabay is executive director of the Center for Violence-Free Relationships. He also serves as President of the board of directors for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), is a member of both the Advisory Group and Coordinating Committee for the Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Strong Field Project- a four year multi-million dollar effort aimed at building a strong coordinated network of domestic violence service providers across California. Currently his favorite saying is, “I love Outcomes.”

Dr. John Moalli is board chair at the Center for Violence-Free Relationships. In his day job, he serves as Principal at Exponent, an engineering and scientific consulting firm. He also has an academic appointment at Stanford University where he teaches a course in Engineering Design, and serves as an academic advisor to undergraduate students.