Develop a Culture of Continuous Learning in Your Organization

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Every organization has a culture that includes its philosophies for interacting with the people they serve. These philosophies reflect an understanding of what they are doing well and what they can improve upon. An organization’s ability to demonstrate impact, and to deliver the outcomes that they set out to achieve, is what defines them.

This webinar will review several ways to ensure that continuous learning becomes part of your organization's culture:

First, we will discuss what a culture of continuous learning is, and what research has shown to facilitate or impede the creation of this culture.

After the explanation, Dr. Pacchiano and Mr. Villarreal will share what they view as some of the biggest challenges in creating, maintaining, and improving learning cultures. They will discuss the strategies they use to overcome these challenges, and the resources they turn to.

Following their presentations, we will highlight some of the free PerformWell resources that may assist you to develop a culture of continuous learning in your own organization.

We will conclude the presentation with a Q&A session.

Webinar Details

Date:         Tue, October 20, 2015

Time:         3:00 PM EDT

Duration:   1 hour 30 minutes

Presenter Information

  • Dr. Teresa Derrick-Mills - Senior Research Associate, The Urban Institute 
  • Dr. Debra Pacchiano - Director of Continuous Quality Learning and Improvement, Ounce of Prevention Fund

  • Jose Villarreal - Executive Director, AVANCE Houston

  • Ingvild Bjornvold (Moderator) - Director of Strategic Initiatives, Social Solutions